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I think that air brush compressors have kind of outlived their usefulness in most cases I still think they have some uses and a certain use case I think they’re OK paint for airbrush, but for the most part you know with the technology we have available now and how much availability of quieter compression, we have I think that it’s just past time that most people would be better off with something else, so if you know that you’re only ever going to you know do a little bit of gundam modeling and you’re just going to spray a couple of models at a time airbrush compressor.Are you just going to spray a small piece of art or you’re doing a lot of scratching and racing techniques and you’re working on paper and that’s all you’re ever gonna do, then on air brushed professional suits you find you will probably you know in a moment, you can click off this video because it really won’t much matter to you, however, whatever you do, never ever.Ever. Buy a compressor for air brushing that does not have a tank, so the biggest strengths hairbrush compressors are there they’re lighter portable, easy to move around and you know they’re designed for air brushing however you know I’ve got a little professor like this then isn’t exactly really really light or really really portable, but as you can see I can just pick that up one hand off the ground it’s a little over twenty pounds, so let’s get into doors like this compressor right here, and this is not exactly the one I’m going to recommend I’m gonna bring you up some links on some and some pricing in a little bit but you know that’s not a bad choice if you catch it on a killer deal I happened to buy this because I needed something really small that day anyway, so let’s get into noise, this is sitting on my kitchen table so it’s gonna be a little bit louder because by table vibrates a little bit, but this is what you’re gonna hear a question like this.So as you can see, it’s something I can pretty much very easily talk over and if you mount it underneath your desk like I talked about in this video, I’m going to leave up here in the car popping up on your right-hand side then.You know you can see how I hooked up my larger pressure, this is not the one I use regularly I use a much larger compressor because even this wouldn’t keep up with the volume.What I’m gonna do is I’m gonna press down, I’ve got a badger, I’m hooked up and I’m going to press down and see how long it takes for this one gallon tank to empty out here you’re going to say well a lot of your brush compressors have a one gallon tank would be the same old contrary, my good friend, this has 135 PS I and the tank it versus most air brush compressors only reach 43 PS I you’re trying to do t-shirts for three PS I at the top end is not going to cut it because that means the cutoffs probably coming in down the low end of thirty alright so press the button start the timer.Alright, so it took 25 seconds and kicked back on a you know this compressor would be able to run something like a fan cap brush like this.This one doesn’t use a whole lot of error for a pan cap grex actually has a disclaimer that you cannot use a that with smaller compressors I can tell you that this will have a little air brush compressor streaming if you’re trying to do a lot of work with it alright so people often will tell me well, Bill, you know price, I mean it’s just hard to beat the price on air brush compressor, and here’s some prices there’s a one of the cheapest ones you can get your hands on with the tank and this is a pretty decent quality one and you can go all the way up to the water.Yeah it’s an eye watering 500 bucks not saying that any of those compressors are not worth the money.I’m just saying I think there’s better ways in which you can spend your money I think a lot of makes a great compressor with bar Max makes them with Iowa and I think they make a great compressor, but anyway let’s look at some prices on some compressor similar to the one I brought out here first, so this is a single piston rather than a dual piston and it actually has a little bit more power, the pressure I showed you was on my desk a moment ago and this is a very, very very popular model and they are pretty quiet, they are a little bit louder or not louder, but a lower tone than the twin piston compressors I successfully ran a very similar unit to this for over a year in a high volume workload.And then I’ve got showing this met abo here that a bow is a really really great compressor twin piston close to what I got that twin piston twin cylinder cat is a great one, but this eight gallon is one I think is one of the best buys out the reason I’m talking about this and why I consider this very important is quite often people buy a small air brush compressor when they get started and then realizes they get more and more involved in it, they realize it’s not gonna be enough to handle their needs, so I need to make sure make sure you research what your needs are going to be if you’re going to get into a um, small spray gun and there’s only a handful of spray guns that were brought to even off that eight gallon compressor make sure if you’re planning on doing like clear coat and skate decks or if you’re gonna do select twelve five sixteen panels and clear coat make sure you future proof yourself just a little bit because I can tell you buying new air brushes is fun, it’s cool pick up and bring a brand new air brush home get new air brush test it out play with it.Got a lot you guys know, but buying a new compressor because you don’t have enough power isn’t really a fun thing and you know you just don’t wanna run out of power in the middle of the job you know what I’m saying you don’t want to be going limp, so let you know, are these compressors as quiet as in a brush compressor, the one I’ve shown you earlier, no not quite as quiet, however if money is not an object and.Absolute quiet is essential I want to talk to you about these diaper compressors, these compressors, this is not the one I want to thank you guys I’ll link you want for a silent hair, which is a great company makes great compressors, these type of compressors are absolutely sounded the only thing you hear is a little bit guilty or that little click, that’s it, you hear the little click when it turns on and turns off and that is all you ever hear with one of these compressors.And they are designed, these motors are the same motors that come in like a refrigerator and they last decades, their oil field which is why they’re so quiet as you can see it comes with a small tank, actually I took the top of this off, so you can see how these are made they come with a very small tank but they’re designed to push higher pressures so it is designed that it can pretty much run continuously, and these are a great option, if absolute silence is necessary, then something like this is what you’re gonna want and I will send you a link for a silent error, if you’re going to buy one I highly suggest you buy it from silent air and they’re great company with a great backing and they take care of their customers, no of course I’m not sponsored or getting anybody says, let me know down in the comments below, if you think I’m full of crap. I know it angers people when I tell them that air brush compressors are kind of an outdated technology and I certainly know that suppliers don’t be talking like that.But there are very good reasons why I feel that way cause very very, very often as I mentioned have people come and said you know this is my problem, and they realize they don’t have enough air to do what they want to do if you’re doing t-shirts don’t even think about if you think you want to get into t-shirts don’t even.Don’t even look the way of an air brush compressor, if you think you’re going to paint larger pieces of artwork than small ones you’re gonna paint, big artwork like this, if you think you’re gonna get into that don’t even think about starting out with an air brush compressor, get a better compressor to start with and have a little bit more power and room to work with the biggest complaint I’ve heard about the California air tools brand and they just happen to be the most popular most of those are very similar is that they get louder over time and that is because the duty cycles that most of these guys who who have them or running them like I run mine very very hard multiple hours a day, most people watching this video probably don’t run there’s multiple hours a day, but if you’re hitting them really hard yes in two three years down the road.I’ll event I’ll make a video and show you guys I’m actually gonna do it to mine pretty soon, man has been running a couple of years where you can change the reed valve and the cylinder’s really really easy job I used to do fix stuff professionally for a living.