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Let’s go ahead and pull it out airbrush stencils.And fire it up okay so let’s go ahead and pull out all the components so got our air brush color cup airbrush tattoo, the battery and then under here you’re going to have another color cup which is kind of cool so see through one. Screws in.With a nice lead seals up nicely, so obviously if you wanna do some.Larger canvases or something, then you could utilize this just have to see how the air pressure handles that battery where you hook it up to charge it is the cable to charge it with as I said earlier usb.Type c, so this part clicks into the battery, then this part here is your standard usb OK so because this is first you’re going to go ahead and peel off the protective plastic it’s got the little warning label, their water wash not allowed, no warranty, if water in so that’s pretty informative for you.So there’s the battery, obviously the connector there, which will hook up to the bottom of the air brush so it’ll hook up into that section there so let’s go ahead and do that doing it by hand.And just to let you know.This hasn’t been charged or anything that’s the first time using it so straight out of the box, I’m just going to fire it up, so when I do go to create some artwork with it I’ll obviously make sure it’s fully charged and I’ll see if it can get through a whole piece of artwork without losing charge and just to see how it performs as a whole okay so I’m gonna go ahead and utilize the common color cup just to put it through its paces, but screw that on okay so you can see the indicator lights there to show the battery level, so I’m just going to click that button once just to show you and it’s saying it’s fully charged so the other thing that I’ve noticed is that you can even just press down for air and that’ll straightaway, turn the unit on alright, so let’s a go give it a go, so you can hear you can hear it working OK so I’m gonna go ahead and remove the air cap.For the purpose of this test, always like spraying without the air cap first thing I’m gonna do is just put a bit of a reducer in spray that out. And then.Gonna add some charred and black, my finger over the front.Pull back to bubble it in the cup.Okay so pressing down for air.Pulling back the pint.No problem, shady up close. Do some fine lines.It’s definitely something to get used to.So I might need to thin out my paint a little bit more, it seems to be.Spitting a little bit. But it’s definitely an interesting sensation.Not having anything.Like a air lead.Hooked up to the air brush. So it seems to be.Pretty good with heavier.Heavier sprays, but again this is straight out of the box, you can see it’s flying nicer now.Yeah to eat that um.Let me just go ahead and put some producer in that I’ll add some more reduce a alright, so just give that a bit more of a squirt, you need more tips on how to reduce your pain and what ratios I use then jump in the description below, I’ll have a link there to a video explaining all of that for you.Yeah it’s better.Stiffly handling fawns.So go ahead and do some fine dots.Well.Keeping that air press down at all times.You can hear that little battery working.Should be very very handy for um. Mike up artists.Even a.Spray tan as if they need to do a couple little touch UPS, OK let’s see how it goes, if we do a bit of a heavier spray try and coat that so we’ll put it under a bit of strain, obviously, um because it’s running at such a low pair sigh.It’s going to take a little bit more to cover.You know what, that’s still.Pretty generous. It’s definitely pumping on some paint, I mean you could coat a canvas with this, no problem.Yeah.Yeah.So definitely excited too.Do an artwork with it.And see how it really performs.But.I mean it’s just such a fantastic idea, you don’t need a compressor.I mean I definitely will be taking this too shows.Because I think it’s something that would be handy if folks need to do a quick touch up on something or.It’s just great to have the flexibility of.If you’ve packed everything away anything oh, I’ve just missed a highlight.I want to add something else to that design.Or even if you had another color loaded up in this.I think it’s it’s a great idea definitely to be fantastic for temporary tattoos as well.So I can definitely see.The benefit to a lot of air brush artists.